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connect with your partner
5 Steps to Emotional Intimacy with Your Partner


Happy relationships don't happen by accident; they require time, effort and patience. If you want to become closer to your partner, you will have to take steps to... Read More

fighting fair in your relationship
6 Rules for Fighting Fair in a Relationship


While we'd all love to be the couple who never fights, it's not a realistic goal. Whether you've been with your partner for a few months or a few decades, you are bound... Read More

find a new hobby
Finding a Hobby as an Adult


No matter how busy life gets with work, family, and other obligations, having hobbies you truly enjoy has proven benefits for health and well-being. Research supports the... Read More

setting goals
5 Steps to More Effective Goal-Setting


Goals help us become successful by providing direction, focus and benchmarks to help us determine whether we are actually on the right path. Here are five ways you can create... Read More

5 tips to stop self sabotaging behavior
5 Ways to Stop Sabotaging Yourself


Have you ever felt like your own worst enemy? Do you behave in ways that contradict your values or goals? Self-sabotaging is a common problem for many people who find that... Read More

how to quit smoking
CBT: An Effective Smoking Cessation Tool


Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is an incredibly effective therapeutic tool that helps people deal with a variety of emotional health and behavior issues… including... Read More

restore relationship trust
5 Ways to Restore Trust in a Relationship


Nothing compares to the pain of feeling betrayed by the person you love and trust most. Whether it's disloyalty, dishonesty, unfaithfulness or withholding, betrayal can... Read More

get organized this year
Your Guide to a More Organized Year


Organization is a topic many people think about year after year, especially at the end of the year. If you’d like to get more organized in 2019, you certainly aren’t alone.... Read More

keep your new year’s resolution with tips from a life coach
New Year's Resolutions Tips from a Life Coach


Research suggests eight in ten people give up on their New Year's resolutions by February. This year, enhance your chances of success with these tips from an expert... Read More